Devil’s Ivy popularly know as a money plant, is a well-known house plant native to the South-East Asian region. it is a fast-growing, indoor plant prominent in most households.

Each branch, depending on the size of the plant, have a minimum of 5-6 leaves and can reach a maximum of 10-15 leaves in a matured plant. Sunlight can cause their heart-shaped, leathery leaves to form artistic variegation. Their aerial roots support them to move up trees and absorb nutrients, making them good climbers.

Since these epiphytes thrive when provided 50% sunlight, they are often used to landscape semi-shade areas. they consume moderate amounts of water every day. During summer, the quantity of water must be increased to ensure that they don’t get parched. Also, more shade should be provided to avoid burns from the intense summer heat.

Their quality of growing both in soil and water makes them perfect to beautify large aquariums. One must, however, remember that once they start growing in water, they cannot be shifted to the soil, and vice-versa. A money plant in water has soft leaves.

These indoor plants act as air purifiers by emitting a high level of oxygen. according to FengShui and Vaastu, they are incredibly beneficial to attract an abundance of prosperity when kept in the south-east direction of a home. they look beautiful when hung in the air as the branches elegantly cascade down till the floor. when hung at the entrance or near the porch, they create a welcoming and positive aura. These healthy, lush green plants are often given as gifts with the hope to bring prosperity to the recipient.