The Earth is a dynamic planet, as far as it is known it is the only planet which is in this condition to sustain life. Only after the plants and microbes were well established was the planet inhabitable for all the other life forms.

Plants in their abundance provide us with food, medicines and other useful products. Not only are they providing a source of food for both humans and animals but they are the source of our basic requirement for existing that is oxygen. They also have healing powers and emanate positive energies to the surrounding that they are in.

Plants are called as the lungs of the earth, help to maintain a balance in our ecosystem, it also acts as the kidneys of the earth by eliminating the toxic and impure chemicals that are polluting the environment.

Knowing the potent role that plants play in our existence, we should start actively interacting with the plant kingdom with the purpose of enhancing our way of life and for the betterment of the planet Earth.

Our journey

The journey with plants began in the 1980’s when Khoday Lakshmansa Co. lead by L. Shri Hari Khoday and brothers initiated and gave directions to grow forest plants as they knew the potent role that plants and trees play in human lives. This project was headed by Mr. Krishna Shashtri and Mr. Seshadri Iyer.

In 1989 it was decided to venture into commercial exports of plants. Hence in 1991, Palm Grove Nurseries was registered and established as a branch of the Khoday Group of Companies with the aim to yield premium quality plants at modest rates for supplying to our consumers.

Since 1980

In 1992, five individuals were commissioned to the Netherlands for comprehending commercial tissue culture and to benefit from the knowledge gained.

In the year 1993, Palm Grove Nurseries established sourcing tissue culture ornamental and foliage plants they set up a one-acre greenhouse in their site, with the holding capacity of 5 lakh plants to begin with hardening of tissue culture plants on contract basis.

In the year 2012, palm grove nurseries set up additional two greenhouses with a holding capacity of 40,000 plants each, in their premises. These two new greenhouses were put up for the purpose of accommodating excess orders.

Presently, we procure to diverse plant varieties in large quantities to the domestic market. Our products are also well accepted in the international markets. We are steadily moving into landscaping and vertical gardening.

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